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The 7 Practical Steps to All-On-4 Oral Rehabilitation

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Hands-on 2 day training program with demonstrations and live surgery on the surgical and restorative aspects of the All-on-4™ rehabilitation concept.

Do not miss this opportunity to learn step by step the practical case planning, surgical, prosthetic and technical requirements for this treatment possibility.

This workshop was held in October 2011 and is back by popular demand!

Melbourne - 16 -17 March 2012

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At the beginning of 2010, as many as 17 percent of children in the United States were reported as having special health care needs.

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The Dental Practice Board of Victoria will no longer exist from the 1st July 2010.


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Dr. Malo, Paulo

Paulo Malo was born in September of 1961 in the city of Moçamedes (actual Namibe), in Angola.

The son of colonists with entrepreneurial spirit who was also born in Angola, Paulo was stimulated since his early childhood to learn the value of work. His father, a farmer by profession and also a copper mine owner, a cattle breeder and a professional hunter, involved him in small tasks like the transportation of water or the driving of the fair’s truck, those becoming his first paying jobs.

With the Revolution of 25th April, he moved with his family to Cape Town where he finished high school. The educational influence of a British school gave him the discipline and the desire for sucess that has followed him ever since.

It was in South Africa where he went on to attend higher education with the dream of becoming the new Jacques Cousteau: Maritime Biology was the chosen degree and the University had great tradition on maritime exploration from Antarctic. However, after a year and a half, he is enticed by a professor and by a new challenge: Nuclear Physics. He can recall the first moon landing and space exploration is in the order of the day. Paulo imagined himself dressed as an astronaut.

At a Campus party which brought together professors and students, he met the South African surgeon responsible for the first human heart transplant: Christian Banard is the model which allied to all his familiar influence resulting in the discovery for a new direction for his life: the study of Medicine. Neurosurgery is the first to arouse his interest since it's an area lacking in research and therefore appeared to be an opportunity for new challenges.

The period coincided with the end of the Apartheid in South Africa and with all the political changes that the country underwent, his parents decide to send their sons to Portugal so they can finish their studies there. In Coimbra, where they have family, Paulo Malo experienced for the first time the Portuguese student’s daily life and how it was to live in Portugal day by day.

It was his family who encouraged his sucess and the African continent that provided him his initial education, but Sport is the responsible tool for shaping his strong and competitive character.

It was back in Africa that he initiated the sport activities, and the ones chosen were as assorted as is the will to exercise. Though active in basketball, athletics and cycling, it was to rugby that he devoted himself and joined a sports team; first the Christian Brother's College in South Africa and later the Portuguese National Team.

When returning from a national team game in Italy, one of the several competitive tours he made, strongly influenced by his uncles, he makes the decision to study Dental Medicine. He moved to the capital and there he registered himself at the Faculty of Dental Medicine of the University of Lisbon where he finished his licentiate’s degree.

Following that, he opened an office in Lisbon and started to receive appointments. But what would be the common next step after the academic world had for Paulo a slight particularity: his enthusiasm for complex cases. It was doleful for him to observe edentulous people suffering with uncomfortable removable prostheses which completely changed their eating ability, contributed to fear and embarrassment and predisposed them to slow healing, painful and expensive transplant (bone graft) surgeries.

Imbued by his natural curiosity and will to succeed, Paulo Malo ventured on a challenge in search of the perfect solution. He claims that whenever embracing a project nothing can make him stop, even if he has to move heaven and earth to obtain his goal. This one, in particular, begins with the visit to several Implantology centres all over the world that are based on innovation and quality, which develop a true revolution in Fixed Oral Rehabilitation. The “All-on-4™” concept, recognized worldwide by the medical community, allowed total edentulous patients to have fixed (non-removable) teeth without the need for bone transplant (grafting), often in as little as 30 minutes, the time depending on the complexity of each case. It was the beginning of the development of a vast group of products and solutions related to Implantology with the specially designed NobelSpeedy™ implant and the technological advanced and highly aesthetic fixed prosthesis the MALO ClINIC BRIDGE.

Even so, the technique and approach that made him globally recognized among the scientific community and the general public was just the beginning of a broad journey. It was followed by a rising surgical career and futher research and improvements with new medical-surgical innovations and the creation of the world’s leading centre for Implantology and Fixed Oral Rehabilitation, in addition to one of the largest Educational centres for the dental professionals and a specialized laboratory.

All the growth and success of his business, as well as the internationalization of a recognized brand gives him even more motivation to go further. He is expanding to other health specialties, projecting a modern concept of Medical Spa and making a strong bet on wellbeing and cosmetics, all resulting in the foundation of a Health Management group spread worldwide: MALO CLINIC Health & Wellness.

The acknowledgement of his profile, journey and contribution has been matter of several awards and recognitions, not only for his medical breakthroughs, but also for his management, leadership and entrepreneucial skills.

The man who states “We want to make people prettier, cheerful and improve their quality of life” feels however that his project is still just beginning. His motto, he tells it over and over again to whomever works beside him and whom he also considers as family: “The work is never complete. Anything that one makes today can also be made even better tomorrow and with more quality”.


What Practitioners Say...

Over recent years I have attended a number of seminars and hands on courses run by Dental Events. I have never been disappointed with the quality of presenters whom have been brought to Australia. These clinicians are carefully chosen to be relevant to today's cutting edge dentistry and changing philosophies.

Examples of stellar clinicians and presenters are Pascal and Michele Magne and Didier Dietschi.

I always look forward to the next program Dental Events will organise, being confident that the chosen clinician will be of the highest quality and relevant to modern dental practice.

Dr Raymond Stabey
General Practitioner
East Doncaster

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